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Get in touch with us to take your sports performance and fitness personal training to the next level. At 424 Athlete Factory, we are dedicated to helping athletes and individuals reach their full potential through our specialized sports performance training, basketball skills training, and personalized fitness training programs.

Sports Performance Training

No matter what sport you play, our sports performance training programs will improve your athletic ability. Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a competitive athlete, our skilled trainers will create a training program specifically for you to increase your strength, speed, agility, endurance, and overall performance. We have the knowledge and tools to assist you in reaching your full athletic potential, whether it is through specialized strength and conditioning routines or sport-specific drills.

Basketball Skill Training

Our basketball skills training program is created to help basketball aficionados improve their game by honing their abilities, raising their basketball IQ, and enhancing their overall on-court performance. Our knowledgeable trainers utilize their knowledge from the collegiate and professional levels to provide you with thorough training sessions that cover every facet of the game. Our basketball skills instruction will elevate your abilities in all areas of the game, from shooting and dribbling to defence and court awareness.

Fitness Personal Training

Our licensed personal trainers are available to help you on your fitness journey if you’re seeking for customized fitness instruction. Whether you want to enhance your general health, lose weight, gain strength, or develop flexibility, our trainers will design a program specifically for you to meet your needs. With their knowledge and assistance, you’ll maintain your motivation, maintain your responsibility, and produce outstanding outcomes.


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